Visiting Saint George’s Church

We welcome visitors to come and look around our church.

There is a short informal service of Holy Communion at 9am on Weds (finishing at 9.30) which visitors are most welcome to attend. The service takes place in the Lady Chapel with its exquisite Arts and Crafts ceiling, making it a wonderful place to begin your visit with prayer. The church is often open until 10am on a Weds if you want to look round. During your visit please feel free to wander around, taking in the atmosphere of a building hallowed by prayer for over a hundred years, or sit in silence and simply be present in this space.

There is a prayer board in the Lady Chapel on which you are welcome to write a prayer. Throughout our Open Mornings, members of the congregation are available to show visitors around and point out key features. Toilets are available.

Parking in Saint George’s Square is free with a three hour limit. There are cafes along The Tything for visitors looking for refreshments.

Saint George’s was designed by Sir Aston Webb and built between 1893 and 1895. The first impression when entering the church is the overwhelming sense of space. The church is a key work of Aston Webb’s early and best period and contains exceptional stained glass from the Kempe studios illustrating saints from Bede’s Ecclesiastical History. It is arguably the finest Victorian church in the city of Worcester with exquisite Arts and Crafts internal decoration.

The address of the church is:

Saint George’s Church
Saint George’s Square

We look forward to meeting you,

Open the Door Team