Sunday Morning Worship

St George’s is an inclusive church and we try to uphold a broad understanding of inclusion where everyone is welcome.

The Eucharist, or Holy Communion, has been at the heart of Christian worship since the first century. At 10am we have Sunday Worship ‘in the round’ in the nave of the church.

Priest: The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

The service is often led by two members of staff as well as members of the congregation. The service is set in the context of God’s love for everyone.  The leaders remind us that the love of God is real and can be shared. We look at our own lives with honesty. When we do so, we find that all of us need help. We ask God to help, save, forgive and teach us.

The children and young people are very important members of our congregations. The Friend-Ship is in the nave of the church for young children and can be accessed during the service. Organised children’s worship activities take place during the service in the Magdalene Room or the Friend-Ship. The children return before the service ends.

Here’s the format:

  • When we enter the church at about 9:50am, we collect a service booklet and hymn book as well as any other relevant sheets, for example if we are singing a song that is not in the hymn book
  • We sit in an oval shape or ‘in the round’ and we sit wherever we want to sit on that morning
  • The service is led by a vicar and the worship includes prayers, singing, listening to two Bible passages and a sermon (about 10 mins long) about one or both of the passages.
  • The communion is given to standing people ‘in the round’. Everyone who wants to have communion receives the bread and wine. Everyone who wants a blessing instead receives a blessing. When we don’t want a blessing or the bread and wine, we stay sitting down in our chairs.
  • The service ends at about 11:20am
  • We tend to go into the Magdalene Room for coffee/tea and a chat

Typical Songs and Hymns Sung During Sunday Worship

If you would like further information or to meet someone prior to a service so that you have a friendly face on the day you decided to come to St George’s, please contact Rev Jo Musson.