God is Life!

‘Through Him all things came into being, not one thing came into being except through Him. What has come into being in Him was Life.’

(John 1:3-4a)

If you want to know what God is like, take a walk, if you can, in a green open space. I am lucky enough to have a lovely open space very near to my home. This is where I walk my dog most days. And it is here that I have sensed God speaking to me so often. In this park, deliberate paths are cut to walk through, whilst leaving patches of ground untouched and free to grow. These patches of ground, literally, burst into life when left alone and with a little rain from above. The transformation is quite something! Life seems to simply explode! 

I have contemplated this many times when walking here, and I believe, this is one of the most tangible ways that God reveals Himself and the essence of His being. Uncontainable, unrestrained, abundant, diverse and beautiful life!

So, over the last few weeks, I have found myself wondering, whilst walking, at this abundance of life amidst so much death, sadness, suffering and fear. And it was on one of these days that I found myself drawn, on a lovely hot sunny day, in very much summer wear, to walk down a much shadier path. 

I actually didn’t really want to go down the path at all because I thought it would be cold and I wasn’t dressed for it. But, this was the way my dog was choosing to go and that’s the way, I believe, God was asking me to go too. Well, I was certainly correct in my assumption that it would be much colder and probably uncomfortable to go this way that’s for sure! Out of the sun and bright light I felt my mood change. The darker areas became quite frightening. But, as I continued and began to, marginally, get used to the new temperature, I noticed something quite extraordinary.

I noticed that there was life there in the shade and cold and dark places. Not just some life but more life than in the hot sun! Life was flourishing! It was different types of life, but it was even more abundant and growing and spreading everywhere! And realisation came to me that, even in these times of great suffering, which are uncomfortable, that we weren’t prepared for, that we didn’t want to go through, God is bringing forth more abundant life, in new wonderful ways. 

God is revealing Himself to us and transforming us. He is drawing us and bringing us closer to Himself and each other in this time of separation. We truly have an awesome, unfathomable God! We have a God who is always creating life. Rich, abundant, uncontainable, beautiful life! Even in the darkest of places.


Cary Taylor