Quiet Garden


  • Sabbath The Hidden Heartbeat of Our Lives – Nicola Slee invites us to move away from our regime, our driveness, our striving for success and embrace the Sabbath as a ‘sanitizing, temporary reprieve’. DLT Books, Amazon and Kindle
  • In the Stillness – Elizabeth Mills offers the reader a simple yet profound celebration of silence and soulfulness. These meditations provide nudges and invitations, hints and catalysts. They are accompaniers on the interior journey. Each page has a theme and a hidden dynamic, pointing to a daily engagement with the mystery of life in Christ. Inner Light Books ISBN-10: 173282391X ISBN-13: 978-1732823914
  • Seasons of Grace – In this book Ann weaves her poetry with creative prose to provide fresh ideas for the liturgical year. Angela Ashwin in the foreword, reminds us, “We can sometimes be so busy or preoccupied we miss the richness and flavour of the different parts of the Christian year.” Canterbury Press ISBN 9781848250901
  • In a Quiet Garden: Meditations and Prayerful Reflections – A selection of meditations, prayers and poems for use in Quiet Gardens. This book was published in 2000 and is now out of print, but second-hand copies are readily available.
  • Stillness is the Key – “Be here. Be all of you. Be present. And if you’ve had trouble with this in the past? That’s okay. That’s the nice thing about the present. It keeps showing up to give you a second chance.”  In three sections, Mind, Soul and Body, the book uses historical anecdotes and figures from politics, commerce, sports, and history, as well as religions, to explore ‘stillness’ and how it can be cultivated in our lives.  Profile Books ISBN-10: 1788162056 ISBN-13: 978-1788162050
  • Places of Enchantment – This book seems to flow from Graham Usher’s love of the natural environment and personal experience of God in landscapes, such as mountain, forest, desert, garden, sea. SPCK ISBN 9780281067923


Green Grace of God Prayer

Use this 5 minute prayer exercise to help you focus and engage with your natural space. Listen to Philip Roderick lead you in this simple reflective practice, perfect for finding a moment of stillness in outdoor spaces.




The Quiet Garden Ministry is a reflective one which looks within, in order to reach out; it fuels faith-based action through contemplation and as such is well suited to Saint George’s which strives to put prayer at the heart of its ministry and outreach. Jesus said “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest’ (Mark 6:31).

The Quiet Garden Movement is a simple ministry of hospitality and prayer. Its primary vision is to provide “local opportunities for prayer, silence, reflection and the appreciation of beauty; for learning about Christian spirituality, and for experiencing creativity and healing in the context of God’s love”. If you want to know more please do contact us.

For more information about the Quiet Garden and resources please contact Jane Silvey.