First time in Church?

We understand that coming to church for the first time can feel quite intimidating.

Even for a seasoned church-goer, a new church throws up all sorts of questions. Well, here we try to answer those questions and above all let you know that you’ll be made welcome at St George’s.

Before the Service

Can I bring my children?

Yes – please do. Children of all ages are very welcome at St George’s – and we have activities just for them.

Does it matter if my baby makes a noise?

Not at all – we know babies make noises and we love to have them with us.

Can I feed my baby in church?

Of course. You’re welcome to breastfeed wherever you feel comfortable doing so.

What are the toilet and babychange facilities?

We have ladies and gents toilets, and also a baby change facility in the disabled toilet.

Can I just walk into any church service?

Yes! Anyone is welcome. 

I use a wheelchair – can I get in?

Yes. There is wheelchair access into the church. We can remove chairs to help you choose where you’d like to be during the service – just have a chat with one of our stewards.

What should I wear?

There’s no dress code. Some people feel more comfortable dressing smartly for church, others prefer to come along dressed more casually.

How long will the service be?

It is usually just over an hour, sometimes a little longer. The midweek communion is usually about 30-45 mins.

Do I need to bring anything?


We give weekly to the Worcester Foodbank and take a collection on a plate during the service but it’s not compulsory.

There is a TraidCraft stall at church and if you have some money you can purchase FairTrade goods at the end of the service.

We have Bibles freely available in church if you want to use them to follow the readings.

During the Service

I don’t know if I’m a Christian – does that matter?

No – all are welcome, whatever stage you’re at in your thoughts about Christianity.

What happens when I walk in?

You’ll be given a smile, a welcoming hello, a service sheet and often a hymn book and notice sheet.

Where do I sit?

It’s up to you. You could choose somewhere with a good view of both the lectern and the altar so you can see the person who is preaching and watch the bread and wine being blessed. If you have small children, you might want to sit in or near the Friend-Ship.

Will anyone speak to me?

Hopefully, yes! We do try and give a friendly hello to anyone new – it helps us if you let us know it’s your first time.

How do I know when to stand up and sit down?

A good tip is to watch what others do.

And how do I know when we are supposed to say something aloud?

It will be printed in bold in the service sheet

What if I don’t know the hymns?

Don’t worry – we have a wide range of hymns and no one can know them all. Try and join in as it goes along. No one will mind if you don’t sing.

Will the sermon be long and boring?

St George’s sermons are about 10 minutes and are really quite interesting, usually based on the Bible reading for the day, and often including day-to-day issues.

Help – people are moving around – what do I do?

At the ‘Peace’ the vicar will say ‘let us offer one another a sign of peace’. Here we shake hands with those around us – each time saying ‘peace be with you’, hopefully with a smile! It’s usual to shake hands with others. It may seem a bit odd at first but most people get to enjoy it – it’s rather a happy time.

Should I go up during the communion?

Please feel free to come up for Holy Communion or a blessing, but do stay in your seat if that feels more comfortable for you.

If you usually take communion in other churches, or have taken it before, then please do take the bread and wine with us.

If you’ve never taken communion, please do still come up and receive a blessing – many people do. Just follow everyone else. After your blessing, go back to your seat.

But if you prefer to stay in your seat, that’s fine, no one will mind.

Will my children be able to join in?

Yes! There’s a safe and friendly crèche area in the Friend-Ship in the church which you can use during the service (you stay with your child). There are also children’s groups with activities during the service in the Magdalene Room. Parents can join in too!

If you’d like to speak to the person running the children’s group when you first arrive, ask one of the welcomers.

Then at the end of the service the children are invited to share what they have learnt from the Bible passage. We all applaud their efforts!

After the service

How do I know the service has ended?

The vicar will give a blessing and then people will sit down, and sometimes will spend a few moments in a quiet prayer before getting up.

Should I stay for a while?

Yes please do! We serve coffee, tea, juice and biscuits in the Magdalene Room after services. We try very hard to make sure all are welcome, so you won’t be left on your own.

What should I do with the notice sheet?

Feel free to take it home and read the notices and about forthcoming events.

I’d like to come regularly – should I tell someone?

It’s always good for us to know if someone is new, and especially if they feel they’d like to come regularly. Let one of the stewards know, or tell one of the clergy. But you can just keep coming along if you prefer!

Do I have to come every week?

Come when you can and want to come. Of course we’d love you to feel you want to come regularly, but we know that’s not easy for everyone.

Hopefully we’ve been able to answer most of the questions you might have about coming to St George’s for the first time. Please do come along and join us – and if you have any more questions, just ask!