Christian Mindfulness

For centuries Christians have explored Prayer, Meditation and Contemplative Practices. 

On the 3rd Sunday of every month we meet to pause, take stock and just be, focussing and meditating on God’a word, allowing his spirit to move deeply into our being. We use scripture in a mindful way to refocus ourselves on God more clearly.

Sometimes, people who want to, share some of the ways it helps them manage their day to day lives. There are free audios downloads under Resources. Here’s an example of Barbara’s Christian Mindful Meditation:

Please make sure you are in a comfortable position and, if you wish, you can close your eyes.

‘Do not worry about your life.’ Luke 12v22-34

Here’s the format:

  • We meet in the Lady Chapel at 5pm every 3rd Sunday
  • The session and begins with a time of silence and relaxation practice
  • Short mindfulness practices follow. A Bible verse or passage is read and followed by a reflection using the words from the passage. There is often a guided reflection using a Bible passage or verse.
  • After each practice, people can share their own responses, if they want
  • We close Christian Mindfulness at 6pm.

Individuals often stay for the Celtic Service which begins at 6:30pm.

What’s do you like about Christian Mindfulness?

I don’t feel any pressure to do or be anything. In fact, we really try to do nothing but listen in whatever way we can and let thoughts surface and disappear without any judgement. Frances

If you would like further information, please contact Rev Jo Musson.