Candlemas Service 2nd February 10am

Sunday 2nd February 10am

A special service when we celebrate Jesus being presented by his parents at the temple. Simeon tells them that Jesus will be a light to the nations. We will bless all the candles in church and everyone will each receive a special candle which will be blessed and can be taken home, our own little bit of the Light of the World which we can share. The children will take the Nativity figures out of the stable as on this day we start the journey towards Lent. Refreshments are always served after the service.

Eternal Light, shine into our hearts;
eternal Goodness, deliver us from evil;
eternal Power, be our support;
eternal Wisdom, scatter the darkness of our ignorance;
eternal Pity, have mercy on us;
that with all our heart and mind and strength
   we may seek your face
and be brought by your infinite mercy
   to your holy presence;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen