We have imagined you putting on your headphones and taking a moment to be with God, wherever you find yourself. That might be as you wake up or go to sleep, on your commute as you go to work or school, or during a coffee break or lunch time. The reflections are of different lengths, so check to see what will work with the time you have available.

Quiet Garden

Green Grace of God Prayer

Use this 5 minute prayer exercise to help you focus and engage with your natural space. Listen to Philip Roderick lead you in this simple reflective practice, perfect for finding a moment of stillness in outdoor spaces.

Pause Pray


This is a reflection on the peace of Jesus, and how it differs from the peace that the world gives. It draws from familiar Advent and Christmas Bible passages, and helps us think about whether we let the peace of God “rule in our hearts” (Colossians 3:15).

God’s Love

This audio reflection is 4.31 minutes in length. It begins with a quote from Henri Nouwen:

“You must make the connection between prayer and life. The closer you are to the heart of God, the closer you come to the heart of the world, the closer you come to others… We’re called always to action, but that action must not be driven, obsessive, guilt-ridden. Basically it’s action that comes out of knowing God’s love.” (from “The Road to Peace” edited by John Dear, page 159).

The rest of the reflection is an invitation to receive words of God’s love from the Bible, so that we might be sent out to share God’s love.

Out of the Depths

This audio reflection is based on Psalm 130. It steps through the different aspects of the Psalm, encouraging you to be honest with God in intercession, confession, and waiting on God.

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